Tips That I Have Learned About best fountain pen

Fountain-pens can be amazing. Everyone should have a look. They are very easy to use and have a huge range of ink colors. A good fountain pen does not require you to spend a lot. This guide will show you how to pick the right fountain pen, and we also recommend top-quality HÖRNER fountain pens suitable for all budgets.

Fountain pen enthusiasts and connoisseurs love these pens for their unique writing style and unique nature. These are some tips to make the experience more enjoyable for beginners.

A fine nib is approximately 0.6mm in width if you prefer to write small letters (less than 4mm).

A broad nib is approximately 1mm in width if you prefer to write large letters (over 7mm).

You might consider a medium nib, which is approximately 0.7 to 0.8mm. The most popular nib is the medium.

There are many options for extra fine nibs or broader nibs. Not all suppliers use the exact same sizing.

The main materials are stainless steel and gold. The nibs of stainless steel are slightly stiffer than the nibs made from gold. In up-market products, other materials may be used.

HÖRNER Fountain pens are very versatile. You can change the nib of most fountain pens. As you get better at writing, you might choose a different size nib.

If possible, choose a fountain pen that is comfortable to hold.

You can choose the ink color that suits you best – there are many colors available. The most popular being black, blue and red. There are many shades in between these colors.

You should always keep the cap on the pen so that in the event of an accidental drop, the heavier end of the cap will most likely fall to the ground first.

Place the fountain pen on a smooth surface like a table. Make sure the cap is on the pen so it doesn’t roll off.

You can carry a ballpoint pen to lend a friend a writing tool.

You can lend the fountain pen to friends by keeping the cap on. It is more likely that the friend will return it!

After use, replace the cap by attaching it when the fountain pen remains upright. To reduce the possibility of ink leaking

Keep the pen slightly higher than the nib to keep it from slipping.

Leakage can be caused by travel. You can take the pen with you, either full of ink or empty. This will reduce the impact on the reservoir.

If you store your pen for a while, make sure to clean it first before refilling with ink. Modern pens have less risk of metal damage from the acids in ink.

To ensure that ink flows smoothly, rinse your pen with normal temperature water about once per month.

It is important to choose the fountain pen that is right for you. You will enjoy many years of great use if you take care of your pen.

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Tips That I Have Learned About best fountain pen
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