10 tips to be a better and safer driver



You can always improve and it is helpful to keep in mind some of the basics you were taught as you learn to drive. Checkout and have a look to your driving lessons before driving.

Here are 10 tips and tricks from experts in road safety and motoring:

  1. Take your time

It says that the speed limit doesn’t have a target. You shouldn’t feel pressured into driving faster than you enjoy. Do not let drivers pull up on your bumper to make your drive faster. They are their problem, and not yours. You should always allow for more time than you think to complete your journey. Plan and add additional minutes to the time you have allocated.

  1. Familiarize with yourself

It’s not about being a better driver. There’s a lot to do before you start the engine. Even if borrowing a friend’s car quickly, ensure that you put your seat, mirrors, and controls in the correct positions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with key controls, such as the lights and wipers.

  1. Be Aware Of Others

When you exit your vehicle, it’s important to be considerate of other road users. Addison Lee’s research has shown that nearly two-thirds of cyclists have been struck by a car door that was not properly closed.

  1. Use “The Dutch Reach”.

The Dutch Reach is a less-known road safety tip that can prevent injuries for pedestrians and cyclists. You can use the Dutch Reach to reach across your body and open the car doors with your inside hand. This will make your body swivel and give you better visibility for bikes and traffic.

  1. Keep it quiet

If you hear your family or friends being loud, it is distracting from your ability to concentrate.

  1. Make sure you keep your car in tip-top shape

Make sure you do regular maintenance checks if you own a vehicle. You can risk your safety on the road by deteriorating tires. Make sure you check your vehicle’s condition every month.

Also, check your fluid levels as well as the lights. Do not rely solely on MOTs or servicing to maintain your vehicle’s drivability, especially if you drive a lot.

  1. Take a look at your vision

To obtain your license, one must be able to see a number plate 20 meters away. A more thorough eye test by an optician is not only a way to prevent vision loss but can also increase safety on the roads. There are approximately 2,900 fatalities every year in crashes involving drivers who have poor eyesight.

  1. Take the time to think about others and allow them space

Be courteous. You’ll be calmer and less likely to make poor decisions. You never know what others might do so be considerate and give space to everyone.

  1. Be Free From All Thoughts

Multitasking is not possible when driving. Do not talk on a cell phone even if you are hands-free. When you’re on the go, don’t play with your satnav controls. Make sure you know the location of your vehicle’s interactive dashboard before you leave. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a journey trying to figure out how to adjust your suspension.

  1. Drive less

Brake, the road safety charity, encourages people to sign the Brake Pledge. This pledge will help people move in safe, fair, sustainable, green, and healthy ways. One option is to limit the amount that you drive. Or, not drive at any cost. The pledge states that it will “walk, bike, or take public transport to my destination as often as possible, for road safety and my health”.

10 tips to be a better and safer driver
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