Golf Carts And Their Types – How To Make A Right Choice

Golf Cart Buyer's Guide: How To Buy The Best Golf Cart

Golf carts have become the easier mode of transporting the golf supplies, and equipment from one location to another within the golf course. Every year, almost 6 to 7 billion dollars are spent on upgrading golf carts to their latest inventions.

Gone are the times when it was considered that the golf carts are meant to be owned by the people with billions of dollars. Many are entertaining the idea of owning a golf cart. Knowing about golf carts can become easier in such cases.

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Types of golf carts 

Here is some information about the types of golf carts for the interested buyers to make the right choice.

  • Pushcarts 

Instead of hiring a caddy to carry all the belongings, choosing a golf cart is an ideal choice. Some of the golf courses will not be gas or electric golf cart friendly. During such cases, a pushcart is an ideal choice. As the name says, the players can easily transport their golf gear from one location to another in these golf carts.

  • Electric golf carts 

In the world of the golf cart revolution, an electric golf cart has emerged victorious. As the name says, the electric golf carts are easily driven around the golf course with the help of pre-charged batteries. They are considered eco-friendly carts and are in great demand today.

  • Pull carts 

Pull carts are just like wheelbarrows and are moved around with the help of two wheels. These carts are ideal for the families that enjoy playing golf with their little ones, and also for the first-timers with not much collection of golf clubs to carry around the course.

  • Remote controlled golf carts 

Do you wish to enjoy the sunny day by playing golf and do not like to carry around your golf equipment and supplies? If yes, then these remote-controlled golf carts are the best choice for you. They can be easily made to accompany the owner wherever they wish to go with the press of some buttons in the remote.

  • Gas carts 

As the name says, these are the carts that run with the help of gas as the main source of fuel. These are quite powerful than the other kinds of carts, as they are made with a similar kind of engine like the cars. Hence, any distance can be covered within a few minutes with the help of these gas carts.

Now that you know about all the kinds of golf carts that are available for purchase, it is your time to make the right choice while finalizing one for you. Go through the pros and cons and pick wisely.

Golf Carts And Their Types – How To Make A Right Choice
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