What Is A Single Origin Cocoa?

You may have seen the words “single source” in independent coffee shops. It refers to the coffee they sell. But what does this mean?

Isn’t that just a sign it comes from one place? Why is this important? We’ll show you why it’s worth keeping an eye out for. Keep reading, my friends.

Two Chimps Coffee only sources single-origin specialty coffee. A single origin coffee does not refer to a blend. Blends are coffees that contain more than one type of bean. Hand-roasting single origin coffees are our preference. This allows you to taste the unique flavors of the coffee and not the muddled aromas of blended coffees.

Single Origin Vs. Single Country

It might seem that one origin means all the beans are from one country. This is generally what it means. However, does not refer to a single origin. We are referring to details like the farm where the beans were grown. A standard bag of coffee beans that are labeled  in a supermarket might be a mix of several different beans.

However, this doesn’t mean that the coffee will be good. While one person may choose to drink coffee, it is not the best way to go about choosing coffee. You might get a different blend every time. Every farm is unique and will have its microclimate. This can also affect the final flavor. This is also a common way to sell lower-grade coffee. Keep the best coffee aside.

Our coffee is sourced directly from the farm. We know the country, where it was grown, and the name of the farmer.

This sourcing method allows us to have great traceability of our coffee, as you can see.

It is vital to trace the coffee’s ethically sourced via direct trading. Traceability is an important part of specialty coffee’s premium price. It’s interesting and we enjoy sharing the details of our coffee with customers.

Is It Better Than A Mix?

We have already spoken about blended coffee, and how it can mask other flavors. All coffee used to be blended in the past, and some roasteries still do so. Because of its high cost, large-scale roasters that supply supermarket chains will not use specialty coffee. Specialty coffee is usually more expensive than commodity coffee.

There Are Three Reasons You Should Blend Coffee.

First, to mask or hide an unpleasant flavor. The roaster may not be concerned about the flavor created because they roast the coffee to a dark roast that leaves the coffee with a bitter, burnt taste. Over-roasting masks undesirable characteristics, and hides the coffee’s low quality behind a smokescreen of over-roastiness.

The second is to create something more than the sum of the parts. Some roasters can blend two or more coffees well to create a great coffee. Two ChimpsHQ creates custom-blended espressos to give our wholesale customers a unique selling point.

The third is about consistency. High street coffee shops serve the same coffee as ever. This is possible by blending different types of coffees and changing the quantities as necessary to match the original flavor profile.

Six different coffees are available at once, as well as a few limited editions. All of these coffees are single-origin coffees.

We believe single-origin specialty coffees have the best flavors. To show that, we hand-roast our specialty coffees to bring out their best qualities. We roast coffee multiple times per week to ensure that it is fresh. We ensure that you always receive the best coffee.

Single-origin coffees do run out, however. It’s gone once it’s been harvested, processed, and roasted. We can replace the coffee with a delicious one, so this is not a problem. You can try so many single-origin coffees.

We love single-origin specialty coffees for their unique characteristics. You can feel good knowing that every bag you purchase from us will go directly to the farm. Improved growing conditions, wages for workers, and better working conditions.


What Is A Single Origin Cocoa?
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