Give Your House An Art Style Decor With Glass Door Knobs

Glass is a material that can make any space look rich and classy. Glass doorknobs can instantly lift the look of your house and are not very expensive too. However, choosing the right material is essential to make these last longer.

Good quality doorknobs made of glass are quite sturdy and can even be installed in homes with toddlers and kids.

You can buy high-quality and amazing designer door knobs from Access Residential Hardware. Their Emtek Door Hardware products are so classy that it is difficult to resist making a purchase. Apart from Emtek, they are also authentic sellers of other brands like Baldwin and Yale Expressions. Anyone in the US continental regions, Alaska, and Hawaii can get doorstep delivery within 3-15 business days after order confirmation.

Benefits of installing glass door knobs

  1. They are gorgeous:
  • The beauty of glass cannot be compared with any other material.
  • With colors like emerald, cobalt blue, amber, and violet, you are surely going to make an impression with these doorknobs.
  • You can also choose different shapes like oval, star, bubbles, or crystal globes.
  • The glass door knobs can also have textures and self imprinted designs to suit even the most modern and minimalistic interiors.
  1. Low production cost:
  • Even with such versatility in designs, the glass door knobs can be easily found in your budget.
  • They are not very cheap but are affordable for most people.
  1. These are sturdy and durable:
  • These glass door knobs are made of simple glass but the glass is toughened before giving it different shapes and textures.
  • This is why these doorknobs are sturdy, will not break easily, and will last for a long time.

Installation of glass door knobs

Even though the process is similar to the installation of doorknobs made of any other material, the following tips must be followed when installing a doorknob made out of glass:

  • On the frameless door, you will need a magnetic lock, and using a U-shaped bracket is essential.
  • Use an electromagnetic lock according to the thickness of the door and the knob diameter.
  • Use glass adhesive tape before fixing the relay plate to the bracket.
  • Use only high-quality products if you want the glass doorknob to remain sturdy during the installation process.
  • Always ensure that the spindle fits perfectly with the knob before buying one because the setscrew and thread sizes can vary considerably among various designs.
  • Do not forget to measure the thickness of the door to ensure that the span in between two knobs gives you a snug fit.

Glass doors and knobs are made of specialized toughened glass materials that are affordable and yet functions to provide a luxurious look to the house where they are installed. You can also choose to get different textures, designs, and colors of glass doorknobs.

Some of the glass door knobs date back to the 1800s and are an emblem of the wartime era. Possessing such door knobs also increases the value of the house and makes for a statement piece.

Give Your House An Art Style Decor With Glass Door Knobs
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