How To Make A Home Office With A Limited Space

Home workers work longer hours than office workers. Many of us believed that working from home would make us more productive and save us lots of time when the pandemic hit. No matter what your preference may be, COVID has likely forced you to work remotely at least once in recent years. This can be attributed to the inability to ‘turn off’ and increased pressure to work overtime. This is the right place for you if you’re working in a small space or at the kitchen table.

How To Set Up A Home Office


We believe that the most important piece we can offer is to create a working space, no matter how small.

Even if your space is small, you should separate your work and your sleeping areas. Separating work and sleep areas helps your brain switch between working or sleeping mode. You can use a divider screen to separate sections of a room, but even simple colored custom logo rugs will work.

You can fake your commute to work, but that’s okay. You only need a little bit of decor change in the areas you work in and in the places you relax.

Timings are also important. Stick to a structure. Your brain won’t adjust if you send emails from your phone every night before you go to bed.


While standing is more comfortable than sitting for long periods of time, it can still be dangerous if you don’t have a mat.

A computer chair with wheels and a screen at eye level should be used to create ergonomic workstations.

A standing desk arrangement may be more suitable for you if you have more space. A standing desk mat is a must if you decide to have one in your workplace or home.

Protect The Floor

You need a chair mat, regardless of whether you have hard or carpet floors. Chair mats provide protection between the casters of your chair and your floor. Hard floor mats don’t require grippers, as the underside has non-slip qualities.

Most popular chair mats are transparent and will not alter the look of your space.

Make Sure You Have The Right Gear

A laptop is a minimum you need, but a monitor screen will give you more space. You can claim the tax paid on work-related expenses if you are a sole trader.

A stand for your laptop may be a good option if you are unable to get a screen.

To create an ergonomic workspace, they raise your screen and allow you to place a keyboard or a mouse where it’s needed.

Building Upwards

Stackable shelves can be a great way of organizing files and hardware without cluttering up your space.  Another way to store out-of-sight items is to stack shelves under your desk.

It is best to use a limited amount of space by building upwards, rather than outwards.

How To Make A Home Office From Any Space

A home office is essential if you plan to work remotely. You can work in your own space and focus on the work when you need it, while you relax.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, it’s easy to be comfortable and focused with an ergonomic setup and the right equipment. When you don’t have much, the best way to separate your spaces is to distinguish between play, work, and sleep.

How To Make A Home Office With A Limited Space
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