Enhance The Water Efficiency Of Your Evaporative Air Conditioner

To beat the heat when summer comes in, we reach for our air conditioner remotes. Although evaporative AC conditioners are efficient in terms of energy, they can also use a lot more water. This is especially true if the default settings remain.

It could be a reason why you have a high summer water bill.

Evaporative air conditioner  filter the warm air through a water-soaked pad. The resulting air is vaporized. Evaporation cooling is based on constant water flow. The quality management system uses water to reduce salt buildup.

Here are some easy ways to increase the water efficiency in your evaporative AC system.

  • Keep your system clean and maintained
  • Optimize your evaporative-air conditioner’s settings

Keep your system clean and maintained regularly

Every Summer, Receive An Annual Service

A licensed air conditioning service provider can provide an annual service for a summer start-up. They can inspect for leaks, remove salt buildup, set the optimal bleeding rate, and replace or clean out your filter pads. It is the best way to make sure your air-con works efficiently and decreases your water usage.

Clean The Filter Pads

For an efficient evaporative conditioner, regular cleaning is essential. Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can build up on filter pads, reducing the efficiency of your evaporative air conditioner. Cleaning your filter pads can be done by consulting the operating manual, or calling a professional.

Maintain Flow Control

Evaporative air conditioning drains water from the unit while it is in use. This can be done as a bleed-off or dump drain. This is done to reduce the buildup of impurities and control the water quality. You can save money on your water bill by running your air conditioner at the right bleed rate. While still enjoying a cool, comfortable home.

The evaporative air conditioner must have a bleed rate between 11 and 20 L (depending on your system). This is to keep the pads in great condition. It’s enough to fill an average 375mL can in under a minute.

The bleed rate of newer, more efficient air conditioners can drop to as low as 3 liters per hour. Check with an authorized service provider to ensure that your system’s bleed-off rate has been set at the lowest possible level.

Maximize your Evaporative Air Conditioner’s settings

Use The ‘Fan-Only’ Setting

For 2 hours, switch your AC to the fan-only setting. This is good for humid days as well as daytime. It will make a huge difference in how much water you use. To avoid turning your home into steam rooms, a fan is only recommended on humid days.

Set The Timer For Nighttime And Away.

Do you have an AC unit with a timer on it? If your AC unit has a timer, you can set it to shut off when you go to bed or at dawn to save energy. You should also turn off your air conditioner while on vacation to prevent water and energy waste.

Keep Windows And Doors Open

When the air is being cooled, make sure to open all windows and doors to let the outside air flow freely. Your AC’s cooling efficiency will be affected if there are not enough openings. It can also increase the pressure on your AC fan.

Enhance The Water Efficiency Of Your Evaporative Air Conditioner
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