Potato For Skin: What Are The Benefits And How To Use?

It is believed that potatoes were used for skincare around 5000 years ago. According to studies potato slices were used in Peru by medical men as a soothing treatment for skin burns. It was also used in some countries as soap. Centuries later, the potato crop became a staple in every household.

Eating Potato Can Provide Skin Health Benefits

Provides relief for sun-damaged skin Polyphenols found within potatoes protect against sun damage, reduce tannin and promote even skin tones.

  • It Is Anti-Inflammatory

Zinc is an important nutrient that can heal scarring and soothe inflammation.

  • It Can Improve Your Complexion

High iron levels in potatoes promote a radiant, healthy complexion.

  • It Improves The Skin’s Tone

Azelaic acid, which is a natural skin lightener, is found in potatoes. Potatoes can accelerate the healing of scars, blemishes, and dark spots as well as hyperpigmentation.

  • It Is High In Protein

Potatoes are high in lysine, which is a protein that is essential for the building and repair of tissues, skin, hair, and nails.

  • It Soothes Inflamed Skin

A study found that the compounds cytokine and Azelaic acids in potatoes help reduce pimples and inflammation.

  • It Improves Your Gut Health

Clear and radiant skin requires a healthy colon. Potato is an alkaline vegetable that helps reduce stomach acidity.

  • It’s High In Vitamin C

A single serving of potato juice has more Vitamin C than the daily requirements. Vitamin C is essential for collagen building and early signs of aging.

  • It Strengthens The Skin And Hair

Potatoes are rich in B-vitamins, which promote healthy bones, skin, and hair.

  • It Improves Blood Purity

Potassium is a key component of Potato, which promotes clear skin.

  • It Moisturizes Dry Skin

Potatoes are a great natural source of hyaluronic acids, which can be used to replenish skin moisture and hydrate the skin.

  • It Improves Skin Health

The phenol compounds in potato peels, ascorbic acid, and folic acid are high, along with b-vitamins, which promote overall health for our eyes, skin, and nervous system.

A Few Things You Should Remember While Using Potato For Your Skin

Do’s –

  • Before applying any new product or ingredient to your face, patch test it on your inner arm.
  • You should stop using any ingredients or products that cause skin sensitivity, rash itching, or redness.
  • After using a potato to toning or masking, moisturize your skin to complete the treatment.
  • Use remedies and products that contain ingredients that brighten or clarify the skin. Avoid sun exposure to reap the benefits of these ingredients.
  • Keep to your prescribed remedy and follow it. Natural ingredients often work slowly, but steadily.         


  • Avoid ingredients you are allergic to
  • Natural ingredients are gentle. To preserve the skin barrier, it is important to not overdo your masking. Masking should be done only once or twice per week.
  • Do not use stale or oxidized potatoes. Freshly prepared natural ingredients will give you the best results.
  • Make the potato juice and mask in small quantities. Do not store them in the fridge. Moisture-laden products can be breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on your skin when toning or masking, especially if your skin has active acne. Be gentle.
Potato For Skin: What Are The Benefits And How To Use?
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