Why Use Waterhog Mats?

There is no better option than Waterhog Plus floor mats if you want to protect your employees and customers from slipping and falling while still maintaining the professional appearance of your company. These environmentally friendly mats are perfect for use in rainy conditions, but they also have numerous other advantages that make them an excellent choice for use in any climate. As part of our assortment of goods, Ultimate Mats provides customers with the option to purchase Waterhog floor mats. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like some assistance in deciding whether or not these mats would be a good fit for your company.

So, what sets these mats apart from others on the market? Take a look at the explanations that are provided down below.

• Multi-Tasking Mats: These mats not only absorb the moisture and filth that people who visit or work in your place of business bring in with them, but they may also contribute to the success of your marketing activities. Waterhog Inlay Logo Mat may be modified to match any size, are available in a wide variety of colors, and can be branded with your company’s name and emblem.

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why Waterhog floor mats come equipped with a built-in water dam that is capable of containing a significant amount of liquid. This exceptional function scrapes away dirt and locks in moisture upon initial touch, making it a crucial tool for your company to have in terms of reducing accidents and keeping dirt away. In addition, the rubber backing that is included with these mats helps to ensure that they will remain in place wherever they are placed.

• Durability: Waterhog Plus mats are durable since they are constructed with numerous layers of protection that not only assist the mats to stay in place but also do their function (the backing is formed of polypropylene fabric in addition to rubber). This means that the mats will endure for a long time.

It may sound as though these mats could be large and uncomfortable because of all the clean and safety features that they have, but this is not the case at all. These mats are very easy to clean and store. It is possible to clean Waterhog floor mats by hosing them off and then drying them by hanging them up. They may also be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner, and it is okay to wash them in commercial washers. In addition, they can be rolled up with minimal effort, which is yet another advantageous quality that makes them an excellent option among all-weather mats.

• Ideal For All Floor Types: Because Waterhog Plus mats are available with a variety of backing options, they are an excellent choice for all flooring types, including carpet, ceramic tile, and hardwood.

When selecting floor mats for your company, there is more to consider than simply picking something that you believe would be suitable. Ultimate Mats can provide you with expert advice based on their years of industry knowledge on the selection of all-weather mats for your company that will, in addition to improving the appearance of your establishment, help keep your customers and staff safe. When you partner with Ultimate Mats, our promise to you is to give our clients with the highest quality service and products available, to assist the growth of your company.

Why Use Waterhog Mats?
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