Benefits Of 3d Product Configurators To Design Engineers And Manufacturers

The extraordinary increase in the degree to which products can be personalized is directly responsible for the continuing rise in the level of consumer participation. This rise is a direct result of the remarkable growth in the degree to which products can be personalized. It is anticipated that this pattern will maintain its prevalence well into the foreseeable future. As a direct result of the broad tendency toward the customization and personalization of consumer products, it is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to meet their deadlines.

This is a direct effect of the widespread trend toward the customization and personalization of consumer goods. Product configurators are an excellent solution to this issue because of the speed with which they cut down on the amount of time needed for the design cycle as well as the length of time needed to get a product to market.

An online 3d configurator that is integrated with a CAD platform and that is provided with logical design rules makes it possible to automate tasks such as the repetitive modeling of 3D products, the generation of production drawings, the creation of a bill of materials, and the generation of custom sales quotes. This is possible because the configurator is provided with logical design rules.

What Are Some Of The Benefits That Come Along With Using 3D Product Configurators?

You may discover that you require the assistance of a professional who specializes in design automation services to construct a product configurator that is tailored to your manufacturing capabilities and product mix. This could be the case if you discover that you wish to build a product configurator. It is probable that, once you have it installed at your location and after you get it integrated with your CAD system, it will provide you with several benefits, some of which include the following:

1. Shorter Design Times

A reduction in the total amount of time required to finish the design process Automated tools of the configurator avoids repeating modeling activities by collecting design intelligence just once and then utilizing it several times for specific models. This prevents the need for repeated modeling. This makes it possible to get rid of modeling chores that involve repetitive motions.

2. Reduced Errors In Drawings

The possibility of there being errors in manufacturing drawings is greatly reduced due to the utilization of automated tools during the production of manufacturing drawings. This results in nearly no errors and drawings that are ready for the shop, which both saves time and eliminates the need for reworks that would otherwise be required.

3. Faster Response To Customers

A speedier reaction time for customers: Because manufacturers receive immediate sales figures for each product, they can respond to inquiries from customers more quickly and with a greater degree of precision regarding delivery dates and prices. Customers are positioned to come out ahead as a result of this change.

4. Automated BOMS Avoiding Last Minute Hassle

Using automated bills of materials is one way to lessen the stress that comes with dealing with items at the eleventh hour. Engineers working on the shop floor can gain a better understanding of how much quantity of raw material needs to be prepared in advance by using automated bills of materials that are created fast.

Benefits Of 3d Product Configurators To Design Engineers And Manufacturers
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